Physics 290e: New Physics and the LHC

Fall 2011

Time: Wed 11AM

Place: LBL 50B-6208 (TPC Conference Room)

with campus connection by phone

Please contact for details

Schedule of Talks

(click to download underlined talks)

Sept 14 Ian Hinchliffe: Searches for New Physics with ATLAS: here

Sept 28 Zoltan Ligeti: TTbar Asymmetry: here

Oct 5 Kathy Copic: New Gauge Bosons here

Oct 12 Michele Papucci: SUSY After 1 fb-1 here

Oct 19 No seminar this week because of SUSY Workshop

Oct 26 Gilly Elor: The Origins of Hidden Sector Dark Matter here

Nov 2 Alex Sood and Grant Larsen: Extra Dimensions Alex here and Grant here

Nov 9 Sourabe Dube: Black Holes here

Nov 16 Louise Skinnari and David Pinner: Stop and Sbottom David here and Louise here

Nov 24 No seminar: Get ready for Thanksgiving!

Nov 30 Peter Loscutoff: W/Z Resonances here