Physics 226: Particle Physics Phenomenology

Fall 2011

Lecture: Tu Th 12:30-2PM, 81 Evans

Discussion Section: Wed 1-2PM , 85 Evans

Office Hours: Wed 2-4 445 LeConte

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Aug 25, 2011 Welcome!

Aug 31 2011 For your first problem set, you will write a small Monte Carlo simulation program. While you can use any tools and any computing language to do this, I suggest that unless you already have a favorite, you use the program ROOT. You can find out about ROOT here You can download Root to your own laptop (Windows, MAC or Linux) or you can use the version on the PANIC cluster.

On PANIC, the install location is /usr/local/packages/root where the bin, etc, lib, and other standard root subdirectories are.
Users may want to do the following to add the root variables to their environment:

cd /usr/local/packages

then for csh users;
% . root/bin/thisroot.csh

or for bash/sh users
panic [1] root/bin/

(this is all documented in the README file..)
I have put together an example of how to write a simple Monte Carlo using ROOT. You can find it here

Sept 15 2011 Our second problem set is now posted. To solve the second problem on this homework, you will need to learn how to access a ROOT TTree, how to put variables from the tree into a histogram and how to fit the histogram. You can find a tutorial on how to do this at here. For this problem, you will need to do more complicated fitting than is possible from the fit panel. Information on fitting in ROOT can be found here.