US ATLAS Workshop on
LHC Searches at LBNL

Organized by M. Cooke1), K. Copic1), M. Hance1), Z. Ligeti1), Z. Marshall1), J. Ruderman2)

1) LBNL, 2) UC Berkeley

Jan 27-30, 2014

The aim of this workshop is for ATLAS collaborators and theorists to review and make progress on a selection of problems facing existing and future LHC searches. We will not address all searches, only those where a small group of people in attendance can have a focused discussion and make progress.


The workshop will begin on Jan 27 with theory talks. We will engage theorists in an open day including ideas for new SUSY and exotics searches that we might be missing, what advancements can be expected (e.g. for heavy flavor MC, MC uncertainties, higher-order generators, etc.), and what might be done to improve our analyses from the theory side. We will also have brief but thorough analysis reviews on related topics, especially from US students and postdocs.

The remainder will be divided between open sessions with theorists and closed sessions for ATLAS members. We'll have detailed discussion on areas that were particularly problematic for some of the 8 TeV searches, preparing for 14 TeV searches.

You can find the agenda for the open sessions here, and the agenda for the ATLAS-internal sessions here.

Location: LBL, Perseverance Hall (by the Cafeteria), in building 54.


A small registration fee of $30 per person will be collected in Berkeley to cover coffee, tea, and light snacks. The registration deadline has passed. If you still wish to attend, please contact us directly, as we have limitations on the number of participants due to space constraints.

Here is the current List of Participants.

Social Dinner:

We have organized a dinner on Wednesday, January 29th at BUILD pizzeria in Berkeley. More details will arrive shortly.


LBNL is located on the hill above the UC Berkeley campus. There are several hotels that are conveniently located near lab shuttle stops. You can find more information here as you make your reservations for this meeting.

For those driving to LBNL but not staying at the Guest House you will receive your parking pass at the gate.

If you need more information about hotels, please contact Tami Blackwell.

This workshop is organized thanks to US ATLAS and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
   Please send email to Mark Cooke, Mike Hance, Zoltan Ligeti, Zach Marshall, and Josh Ruderman if you have any questions. DOE logo

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