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conference Luis Alvarez Symposium   Saturday 19 November 2011
from 08:00 to 21:00
at Stanley Hall (105) & Faculty Club, UC Berkeley
This symposium will not only review the accomplishments of Luis Alvarez, but provide insight on his extraordinary ability to innovate, accept great technical and professional risks, choose the important problems, and find and lead his associates to make unprecedented contributions in many areas of science and technology. The Symposium will show the way to the next generation of scientists by the example and experience of his students and colleagues. 

Saturday 19 November 2011 toptop

08:00->09:00    Registration

09:00->10:30    Session One: INTRODUCING LUIE, Chair: Lina Galtieri
09:00 Welcome (05') (files Video  ) Robert Birgeneau (UC Berkeley Chancellor)
09:05 Overview of Luie's activities (45') (files Slides pdf file;   files Video  ) Richard Muller (UC Berkeley and LBNL)
09:50 Working with Luie (a physicist's perspective) (20') (files Paper pdf file;   files Video  ) Moishe Pripstein (NSF, former Alvarez group member)
10:10 Working with Luie (an engineer's perspective) (20') (files Video  ) Jack Lloyd (former Alvarez group member)
Break (30')

11:00->12:30    Session Two: THE 1968 NOBEL PRIZE, Chair: Philippe Eberhard
11:00 Bubble chamber overview, computing, discoveries (30') (files Slides pdf file;   files Video;   files pictures pdf file  ) Art Rosenfeld (LBNL)
11:30 Chambers, scanning, and measuring machines (20') (files Slides ppt file;   files Video  ) Jack Lloyd (former Alvarez group member)
11:50 Birth of the quark model (20') (files Slides pdf file;   files Video  ) Lina Galtieri (LBNL)
12:10 From bubble chambers to inventions in the field of optics (20') (files Video  ) Bill Humphrey (former Alvarez group member)
Poster Session and Lunch (provided) (1h00')

13:30->15:00    Session Three: COOL IDEAS, Chair: Robert Tripp
13:30 From cosmic rays to COBE and beyond (40') (files Slides pdf file;   files Video  ) George Smoot (UC Berkeley and LBNL)
14:10 Luie and the supernovae (15') (files Slides ppt file;   files Video  ) Carl Pennypacker (LBNL)
14:25 The Pyramid Project, X-Raying the Egyptian Pyramids (20') (files Paper pdf file;   files Video;   files pictures ppt file  ) Jerry Anderson (former Alvarez group member)
14:45 Examining the Kennedy assassination film (15') (files Slides ppt file;   files Video  ) Charles Wohl (LBNL)
Break (30')

15:30->17:30    Session Four: LUIE'S LEGACY, Chair: Carl Pennypacker
15:30 Interacting with a Legend (15') (files Slides pdf file;   files Video  ) Stuart Freedman (“Alvarez Chair,” UC Physics Department)
15:45 Designing Materials using High-Throughput Computing (15') (files Slides pdf file;   files Video  ) Anubhav Jain ("Alvarez Fellow,” LBNL Computational Research Division)
16:00 Discovery of dark energy (30') (files Video  ) Saul Perlmutter (UC Berkeley, LBNL)
16:30 The extinction of the dinosaurs (40') (files Slides ppt file;   files Video  ) Walter Alvarez (UC Berkeley)
17:10 Final sum-up talk (20') (files Slides pdf file;   files Video  ) Stan Wojcicki (Stanford, former Alvarez group member)
Reception (by reservation) - No host bar with hors d'ouevres at the Faculty Club (1h00')
Dinner at the Faculty Club (by reservation) (55')

19:55->21:00    Session Five: EVENING PROGRAM, MC: Richard Muller
19:55 LWA and Radar (05') (files Paper pdf file  )
20:00 Various Speakers (25') (files Video  )
20:25 Various Speakers (35') (files Video  )

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