conference Workshop on Germanium-Based Detectors and Technologies   from Tuesday 18 May 2010 (08:00)
to Thursday 20 May 2010 (18:30)
at Stanley Hall, UC Berkeley ( 106, Lau Auditorium )
The University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will host a workshop on germanium-based detectors and technologies May 18-20 in Berkeley, California. The goal of the workshop is to explore the status, prospects, and issues for Ge-based detectors for science and security applications. The workshop will bring together researchers engaged in current and possible next-generation detectors based on germanium as well as experts in germanium-based device development and production. The workshop scope includes applications, crystal growth and characterization, detector and device technologies, and readout and signal processing. An overall aim is to provide a true workshop setting to encourage full and frank discussion, not only of technical progress and emerging ideas, but also of enduring challenges for which improved solutions are needed.

Tuesday 18 May 2010 toptop

08:00->09:00    Registration

09:00->10:00    Welcome and History
09:00  Welcome and Introductions (15') Kai Vetter, James Siegrist, Bernard Sadoulet
09:15  History of Ge Detectors, Technologies, and Applications (45') (files Slides ppt file  ) Eugene Haller

10:00->11:55    Applications: Dark Matter (Convener: Bernard Sadoulet (UC Berkeley) )
10:00  SuperCDMS and GeoDM (25') (files Slides pdf file  ) Sunil Golwala
10:55  EURECA : cryogenic search of DM en Europe : status and plans (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Gilles Gerbier
11:15  Dark Matter searches with low-noise ionization germanium detectors (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Michael Marino
11:35  Low mass WIMP searches with sub-keV Ge detector (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Qian Yue

13:30->14:20    Applications: Coherent Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering and Reactor Monitoring (Convener: Juan Collar (U Chicago) )
13:30  Coherent Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering at the SONGS Reactor with PPC Germanium Detectors (15') (files Slides pdf file  ) Phil Barbeau
13:45  Prospects of Coherent neutrino-nuclear scattering for reactor monitoring (15') (files Slides ppt file  ) Belkis Cabrera-Palmer
14:00  Low energy reactor neutrino physics with Ge detectors (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Henry Wong

14:20->15:05    Applications: Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Searches (Convener: John Wilkerson (UNC Chapel Hill) )
14:20  The GERDA neutrino-less double beta decay experiment (25') (files Slides pdf file  ) Stefan Schoenert
14:45  Toward a tonne-scale Ge experiment: the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR (20') (files Slides pdf file ppt file  ) Steve Elliott

15:35->16:20    Applications: Nuclear Physics (Convener: John Wilkerson (UNC Chapel Hill) )
15:35  The Advanced Gamma Tracking Array AGATA (25') (files Slides pdf file  ) Dino Bazzacco
16:00  Status and physics opportunities of GRETINA (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) I-Yang Lee

16:20->17:05    Applications: Astronomy (Convener: Blas Cabrera (Stanford) )
16:20  Overview of the Nuclear Compton Telescope (25') (files Slides pdf file  ) Steven Boggs
16:45  The Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI) and future solar gamma-ray instruments (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Robert Lin

17:05->18:00    Applications: Gamma Ray Imaging, Nuclear Security, and Other National and Homeland Security Applications (Convener: Blas Cabrera (Stanford) )
17:05  Gamma-ray Imaging with Double-Sided Segmented Ge detectors (25') (files Slides ppt file  ) Lucian Mihailescu
17:30  Characterisation of a double sided strip planar germanium detector for gamma-ray imaging (15') (files Slides ppt file  ) Paul Nolan
17:45  Medical and homeland security gamma ray imaging with a planar germanium detector Compton Camera (15') (files Slides ppt file  ) John Simpson
Hosted Reception at the UCB International House, 2299 Piedmont Ave

Wednesday 19 May 2010 toptop

09:00->12:15    Crystal Growth and Characterization (Convener: Betty Young )
09:00  Germanium Crystal Growth at Umicore (40') (files Slides ppt file  ) Igor Romandic
09:40  Aspects of industrial Germanium crystal growth (25') (files Slides ppt file  ) Christian Hell
10:05  Current results of HPGe crystal growth for GERDA and alternative attempts (25') (files Slides pdf file  ) Michael Wünscher
11:00  Underground Crystal Growth Facility at DUSEL (15') (files Slides ppt file  ) Dongming Mei
11:15  Recent developments in understanding and modeling of defects in Czochralski germanium (25') (files Slides pdf file  ) Jan Vanhellemont
11:40  Discussion on crystal grown and characterization (35') Christian Hell, Eugene Haller, William Hansen, Igor Romandic

13:45->18:00    Germanium Detector Technologies (Convener: Juergen Eberth )
13:45  Encapsulation and Segmentation of HPGe detectors at CANBERRA (25') (files Slides pdf file  ) Marie-Odile Lampert, Benoit Pirard
14:10  Development and performance of the AGATA cluster detector (25') (files Slides pdf file  ) Peter Reiter
14:35  Amorphous semiconductors for electrical contacts and surface passivation on germanium: advantages and issues (25') (files Slides ppt file  ) Mark Amman
15:00  Neutron Transmutation Doped Germanium Thermistors for Cryogenic Detector Applications (15') (files Slides ppt file  ) Jeffrey Beeman
15:45  Evolution of the detectors from Edelweiss-2 to Eureca (25') (files Slides ppt file  ) Xavier-François Navick
16:10  SuperCDMS and GEODM dark matter Ge detector fabrication (25') (files Slides pdf file ppt file  ) Paul Brink
16:35  Performance anomalies related to electron trapping in a strip detector configuration (25') (files Slides ppt file  ) Teresa Underwood
17:00  GeMini and SPG, the latest generation of mechanically-cooled germanium spectrometers (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Morgan Burks
17:20  Discussion on Ge detector technologies (40') Orren Tench, Teresa Underwood, Sunil Golwala, Dick Pehl

Thursday 20 May 2010 toptop

09:00->11:45    Low Noise Electronics and Novel Readout Schemes (Convener: Sergio Zimmermann )
09:00  Cryogenic Frequency-Domain Multiplexing - The Challenge of Applying Physics to Practical Applications (45') (files Slides pdf file  ) Helmuth Spieler
09:45  Low-noise application-specific integrated circuits for nuclear spectroscopy (25') (files Slides ppt file  ) Gianliuigi De Geronimo
10:40  Low-Mass Front End (25') (files Slides ppt file  ) Paul Luke
11:05  Discussion on electronics and readout schemes (40') (files Slides ppt file  ) Xavier-François Navick, Steven Boggs, Kai Vetter

13:20->17:40    Detector Characterization and Analysis (Convener: David Radford )
13:20  AGATA detector characterization (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Andrew Boston
13:40  GRETINA detector characterization (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Mario Cromaz
14:00  A novel scanning system to determine the position response of Germanium detectors (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Namita Goel
14:20  Pulse shape modeling and discrimination of BEGe detector signals for GERDA Phase II (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Matteo Agostini
14:40  Characterization of BEGe detectors in the framework of the GERDA experiment (20') (files Slides ppt file  ) Carla Cattadori
15:30  18-fold segmented HPGe, prototype for GERDA PhaseII (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Xiang Liu
15:50  Extracting Physics from Ge Detectors Near Noise Edge (20') (files Slides pdf file  ) Henry Wong
16:10  Pulse Shape Analysis with P-type Point Contact detectors (25') (files Slides ppt file  ) Ren Cooper
16:35  Pulse Shape Analysis with the AGATA Demonstrator (25') (files Slides pdf file  ) Bart Bruyneel
17:00  Characterization and analysis discussion (40') Gilles Gerbier, Peter Reiter, Steve Elliott

17:40->18:00    Summary
17:40  Summary (15') Glenn Knoll
17:55  Concluding Remarks (05') (files Slides ppt file  ) Bernard Sadoulet